ती’ 2019

         ‘Ti’ is a pronoun .i.e. ‘she’ spelt in one of the Indian languages. ‘Ti’ took place in 2019, focusing on women empowerment organized and managed by ‘Taalvrinda Events’ in association with PNG and sons. This social event showcased various talents including dancing, singing and modelling. The event took place in segments of dance performances, acts and fashion show.

           Garments for this enlightening show were designed and styled by me. A graceful costume display of 20 beautiful models happened, categorized in two different themes-

1) Zodiac Signs.

2) Famous Women of Indian Mythology.


Zodiac Signs – A line of 12 bright garments, each representing one of the zodiac signs. The designs were considerate of zodiac traits with suitable colours. Textures and silhouettes complimented the zodiac attributes. The entire line was styled peculiarly with props, footwears, headgears concerning the respective signs and bright antic jewellery by PNG and sons.


Famous Women of Indian Mythology – A contemporary representation of great Indian mythical women into 8 garments, was the theme. It was tough to select any 8 characters of Indian mythology given, it is one of the richest and oldest cultures. Although 8 characters were chosen, namely – Hidimbi, Radha, Chamunda, Seeta, Mandodari, Meera, Dhraupati and Urvashi.D

designs, textures and silhouettes are inspired by the characteristics of great personalities heard from the tales. The entire line was styled with props and accessories referred from mythologies accompanied by the antic jewellery by PNG and sons.