Rang majha sadit vegla

rang majha iweedle 2

‘Rang majha sadit vegla!’

‘Rang majha aaditya vegla’, meaning- I glow differently in a saree, was a regional event focusing on the versatility of saree(Indian traditional wear). The challenge amongst all the participants was to drape the 6/9 yard fabric into diffrent creative styles.

The theme I designed for was – ‘Saree as International Costumes’. The designs were an amalgamation of traditional costumes of different countries with saree, namely – Australia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Brazil, Japan, Greece, Egypt and India. Saree being the key ingredient, India couldn’t be left behind in the choice for countries. However, the Indian look was inspired by the diverse culture of India. 

Our eloquent and colourful theme bagged the second price and was recognized and mentioned in the local newspaper. This event was surely a knowledgable experience.