Mr. Recycle Bean

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Mr Recycle Bean

Globally, around 300 Millon tonnes of plastic waste is produced annually and around 110 Million tonnes of waste is amounted by the textile fibres annually. Today, the apparel industry has been thriving for sustainability with more durable and environment-friendly innovations. Recycling the plastic and other waste to garment components or directly into yarns and fibres is an absolute measure to reduce waste caused by two different sources. Plastic is marked as one of the most harmful wastes due it’s non-biodegradable properties and hence, is the best component for durable fashion. 

       Inspired by sustainability, I have designed this bomber jacket. The jacket is made by recycling the milk packaging packets of a local brand ‘Chitale’. The packets are sewn together and later sewn along with the fusing and lining fabric. This design has a pocket on the lower left side and a decorative lace attached to the right sleeve. The main attraction is the artistic hand painting done all over the jacket.

Be the one and only in every room you step in with this design. Contact me for the purchase and your own customization.