iweedle Light dress 3

Glow like the galaxy light, wearing a bright dress at night!

         Clothing being a basic necessity it’s story dates back nearly to the time when human civilization began. Since then textiles have been evolving with human lifestyles. Today in the 21st century, with the help of digitalization the apparel industry has also developed with awestruck inventions like E-Textiles. Modern science has made many unimaginable innovations. For instance, the introduction of LED’s in garments.

          Inspired by the innovations, I designed a garment that imitates smart fabrics using optic fibres. This gleaming outfit is a prince cut, backless crop top fastened at the back with the crisscrossed lace. Fashioned with a short length skirt with the groups of optic fibres attached to the belt in equal intervals. The look completes with detachable sleeves of fur fabric.

Rock any party you desire with the radiance of this astonishing garment. Contact me for purchasing and customization.