Fashion is a diverse concept with innumerable style variations. Variations that brake the monotony as well the stereotypes. Variations that lead us to evolution and innovation. Such variations are the styles that have wide recognition from a specific era or have emerged from a fashion subculture. Fashion subcultures are a unique style of expressions. For instance: MOD, Gypsies, Rock and Roll, etc.

       Inspired by the various fashion subcultures and their diverse nature, I have designed a new garment line giving out their contemporary impressions. A line of 5 garments targeting the age group from 16 to 24. In an impression to introduce colours into the classes of 2021.


iweedle coolage 26

If orange is the new black, then can orange be the new Gothic?

Gothic subculture is a contemporary group of people within a culture, who adopted overall black fashion – hair dyed black, black accessories, black nails, black clothing, etc. I designed a garment inspired by this bold culture. This design is a reformation in consideration of new trends. The garment is a 100% pure cotton wear sewen into a stylish mechanic dungaree. Groove in this super cool garment having four functional yet dope pockets. Show off your confident edge with this smart collar and half-sleeved dress.

Introduce your own drip by styling yourself in this sassy outfit. Contact me for your purchase and customization.

2) Pret-a-porter

iweedle coolage 7

She broke the spree, by dancing carefree!


Pret-a-Porter is another fashion synonym for ready-to-wear. Industrialization brought the craze for readymade dresses, especially among the young minds. Pret-a-porter basically is an effortless fashion, which is either alteration free or made to standard sizes. I designed a garment inspired by this fashion style. This piece is a 100% pure cotton sewn into a knee-length dress. Style your own comfort look with this garment and its the detachable collar. Swing on the rhythms of wind with the flow of gathers on the bustline and the puffed sleeves.

3) Hippie

iweedle coolage 20

It vibed so strikingly and trippy, as walked in the fine hippie!


Hippie culture was found in the 1960s and remains the most influential dress movement. Hippie style basically is outrageous and anomalous with the headbands, floppy hats, beads, flowing scarves and tie-dyed tees. Inspired by the free spirit of this culture, I have designed a garment. This garment is made of dyeable poplin fabric, which is artistically tie-dyed in the purple waves of Lehriya pattern. This graceful silhouette is an ankle-length gown with a sensual backless design. Create your own style statement in this umbrella cut design and the bandana tied on the head.

Grab this look and slay the world with your magic. Contact e for your purchase and customization.

4) Old skool

iweedle coolage 15

She made a brainy guess, yet seemed so effortless!


Old skool fashion dates back to ’80s and ’90s. A style that looked so trouble-free in spite of all the layering and bagging of clothes. The style revolves around baggy tees, sweaters, oversized shirts with high waist straight and baggy jeans. Inspired by this young and savage style, I have designed this t-shirt. This playful collared tee is made of poplin fabric. The collar is accompanied by a small pocket opening. Let your vibes gear up with the bold colour block features of this design.


Bring out your absolute natural aura with this design. Contact me for your purchase and customization.


5) MOD

iweedle coolage 11

Well, don’t just shut down and stay, get all dressed up and slay!


MOD or modern subculture popularised around the 1960s in London. MOD fashion was influenced by the young college going crowd defining the new style statements. It was a reform for modern dressing having stylish clothes, bright colours and young silhouettes. Taking inspiration from this youthful subculture, I have designed this garment. The garment is an A-line skirt paired with a sleeveless top. This awwstruck side slit skirt is made of plaid fabric. Keep your chin always high and up with this ruffled high neck shrewd top.


Be the queen chick with our chic design. Contact me for your purchase and customization.