Allegro Moda

iweedle christmas tree 4

Be the pure winter snow,

When you dress up during Christmas and glow!

          December arrives with Christmas bells and merry vibes. Fashion seems quite painted in the Christmas palette and engaged with new trends. Santa Clause has always been a mascot for December fashion. Seeing all the Christmas fuss around, I designed my own version of December fashion.   

          The garment is all about an Ascot red cap, red boots with black sole and white cotton-polyester blend A-line dress layered with a white net uneven skirt. This pretty dress is fastened with a  white canvas web belt with an oval buckle. The garment also has a circular cut cape made of cotton polyester blend layered with a white net and embellished with tinted red handmade flowers of tissue fabric. Style yourselves with the mega sleeved dress with multiply possible outcomes. 

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