Ornamental Allure

by Anu Biradar

Question was to bring on a beauty fuel, That’s when they brought in the art of jewel!

Jewellery adds the most aesthetic value to your style. This blog is about one such artist, who decorated hundreds of women with her art for the past year. Yogita Merwade is a 20-year-old perusing Bachelors of Commerce from Pune. This business-minded young soul created an opportunity for her during the last pandemic lockdown.

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Yogita was fascinated by the trend of – traditional Khun fabric from last two years. Khun is a 4000 year old hand-woven fabric usually worn in north Karnataka and Maharashtra region. It is a cotton or cotton-silk hand-woven fabric, wore as a blouse on sarees.

Ornamental Allure iweedle
Yogita Merwade
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Going through various DIY videos, she learnt the art of handcrafted jewellery. Yogita experimented with her newly found craft talent with Khun fabric. She received an overwhelming response for her collection and thus decided to continue further. Now Yogita has mastered the art of handcrafted jewellery and sells fabric jewellery made of Khun fabric as well as ikkat fabric under the brand name ‘Saghi”- Tradition Coated with Sass!  Yogita gave us an insight into how it works, she started to be using a high-quality cardboard sheet as a base/frame of fabric and uses oxidized metal ornamentations. This business is more than business as it is also an initiative to style the culture in a new form and make it a trend.

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Since April 2020, Yogita has customised a number of orders with a variety of colours. Who knew that a pause like a lockdown will be a start button for someone’s new vision? let’s shop local and help more Yogitas to come up with bright startups.

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