Ensemble upon Hull!

by Anu Biradar

Making the world fly like a magic broom, in the dress, she made with her talent loom!

Dressmaking finds its roots in the deepest times of human civilizations.  As humans evolved the art evolved with greater competition. The 21st century stands to be the most creative as well as competitive amongst all. To be eloquent much enough to get noticed is a tough barrier as the bar set is crazy high and it went higher with the welcome of Covid19. The world was pretty tough to business with these recent two years yet this talented dressmaker found her path.

Bhakti Mahumuni, an eloquent designer shares her story which made her realize that it requires more than 100% of effort to create an impact on the customer. Her designer life started a new chapter, when she was approached to design costumes for two famous actresses to be a part of the ‘Marathi Awards Show 2020’ which was aired on the Colors Marathi channel on 20th March.

Ensemble upon Hull IWEEDLE 2

Both the costumes were undoubtedly stunning, for the golden slim mermaid floor gown, she used a sequin material with net blue tulle bottom. Due to the texture, lightness, and details of the sequin, it turned heads. Another costume was a pastel peach crop top with a matching pair of pleated dhoti pants and a handcrafted waistband that enhanced the overall look. Bhakti was inspired not only by researching the spotlight looks of the celebs but also what styles they preferred on their day off as well.


Speaking about efforts, she worked on this project all by herself, illustrating, fabric sourcing being her favorite part she went hunting the markets for choosing the best fabrics, checking up with the stylists, and getting the designs approved, finally after multiple discussions, she got her dresses ready to rock the show!

Bhakti shares that running this small business independently can be both lonely and fraternal experience. Stepping into the film industry was always her dream and she was well prepared for this for a very long time. Bhakti, being an opportunist has associated her brand VICCHI with PUEFLE and is experience the fruits of unique features. “KEEP YOUR FAITH AND BE PATIENT, DON’T GIVE UP….DON’T QUIT!” is what Bhakti messages every dedicated designers out there. Grab every opportunity coming your way be it a big break or a small assignment. Make your own identity with investing your whole.

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