Back To The Tale!

by Anu Biradar

Back to the tale !

iweedle ti 2

Our life is bound to some beliefs, mythology and the mythological deities. Myths are beliefs, the beliefs that set the way of a person’s living. Hinduism has always worshipped women in various forms. Goddess of wealth, goddess of knowledge, so on… Point being, Hinduism has never left women behind be that any turn of our life. Talking about the Goddess of war – Chamundeshwari, the women who fought with 1000s of devils alone. Generations and generations passed but the fight for one’s survival remains constant, even today women face many problems to maintain their existence and so these deities keep inspiring us to fight our demons.    

 I have depicted the Goddess of war with a slight southern taste to it. The garment is from the fashion show ‘ Ti’  2019 – women empowerment, wherein all normal working women participated in the show with great enthusiasm. The garment is a checkered blouse with a collar and a knot in front accompanied by an umbrella cut skirt with a slight v-shaped belt. The jewellery is an antique by Poona Gadgil and Sons and the accessory is designed and inspired by the deity showing the symbol of fearlessness and power. This garment is a customised garment can be styled in various festive seasons, bridal seasons and events. You could also style it with an odni or a denim jacket. 

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